THE INTERNATIONAL W O M E N ´ S A N D F A M I LY C E N T R E H e i d e l b e r g e . V .

An officially recognized counselling centre for questions concerning conflicts in pregnancy as well as for marriage, family and life crisis

The International Women´s and Family Centre Heidelberg e.V. (IFZ) is an officially recognized counselling centre in accordance with the laws governing pregnancies and family assistance as well as an advisory centre for marriage, family and personal matters.

In particular, IFZ offers counselling for immigrants, women and their families, in their mother tongue, taking into consideration their cultural background. An intercultural counselling team consists of professional women in the  elds of psychology, social work, gynaecology, and law. Counselling is offered in English, French, German, Italian, Romanian, Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian, Spanish and Turkish. In addition, IFZ has established an interpreter service encompassing twenty more languages.


The association, Internationales Frauen- und Familienzentrum Heidelberg e.V., is the organisation responsible for the counselling centre, which opened in 1991. Its primary aim is to better the link between immigrants and other social institutions.

You can support the work of IFZ by becoming a member of the association or with donations. Banking Account: Postbank Karlsruhe Konto-Nr.: 298833754, BLZ: 66010075


  • … Regarding family planning and contraception in sex education for unful lled pregnancy before, during and after prenatal diagnostics about female reproduction on women´s health
  • … Regarding pregnancy medical information concerning pregnancy and birth psychosocial questions social welfare bene ts (e.g. maternity leave,…) possibilities for  nancial support (e.g. child support and other bene ts for families,…) the laws related to families and foreigners (e.g. alimony,…)
  • … Regarding con icts in pregnancy counselling according to paragraph 219 of the StGB (the German Civil Code) psychological problems after abortion
  • … Concerning marital problems and family con icts problems in relationships, in particular for bi-cultural couples generation con icts dif culties in child upbringing and problems at school domestic violence
  • … Concerning legal, professional and general questions comprehensive assistance in orientation for women and their families who have just arrived in the area immigration laws, asylum and family law family rights, e.g. settlement of child custody
  • … Concerning personal problems and life crisis assistance from psychotherapists  and social workers in disturbing life situations and on psychosomatic issues



  • … Discussion evenings dealing with different topics (some also in the original language) for example women´s health social laws for mothers-to-be and their families parenthood and child upbringing families and immigration
  • … Group activities for immigrants and interested participants Organized by volunteers and members for interested women



Call in advance to make an appointment for counselling.
All of our workers are bound to secrecy.
The International Women´s and Family Centre is not af liated with any religious group or
political party.

We are a member group of the Deutscher Paritätischer Wohlfahrtsverband (DPWV).
The centre is subsidized by the Ministry of Labour and Social Services in Baden-Württemberg, by the Municipal Government of Heidelberg and by the Rhein-Neckar District.